WUN Symposium cum Research Summit
on Impacts of Grain Legume Research and Development in Developing Countries

Agriculture is facing major challenges due to climate change bringing upon extreme temperatures, limitation in freshwater resources, and soil erosion. Therefore, sustainable agriculture is now among the top national priorities of developing countries, to bolster food security, economy, and environmental sustainability.

The SKL Centre for Soybean Research, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CSR), has been committing continuous efforts in legumes research and development since its establishment. Building on the success of the international mini-symposiums held in previous years, CSR will gather the top-notch scholars and upcoming scientists in 2017, by organizing the WUN Symposium cum Research Summit, with the theme “Impacts of Grain Legume Research and Development in Developing Countries”, to advocate its vision on addressing the global food security risk with sustainable legume agriculture.



  • To foster multi-perspective development of early-career researchers;
  • To facilitate exchange of knowledge and ideas on the development of legumes research;
  • To encourage establishment of collaboration networks transcending geographical boundaries, career hierarchy, and research expertise differences

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